ViPP Construct

We provide quality, reliability and a strong interest in a common future.


VIPP consturct s.r.o. is a long-term manufacturer of single-purpose machines, production and assembly lines. We have been on the industrial market since August 2008 and you will find our implemented projects in the production halls of large engineering players throughout the Czech Republic.

In automatization we provide:

  • Construction
  • Electro construction and manufacturing
  • Programming
  • Integration
  • Certification

In the field of robotics, we design and integrate robotic systems, including advanced optical recognition systems for visual detection and pick up navigation.

  • System design and simulation
  • Time analyses
  • Programming
  • Gripper construction
  • Integration

In the field of electronics development, the company has long been engaged in the design and manufacture of electronic systems. We specialize in the design of specialized laboratory instruments and the development of equipment for industrial installations.

  • Programming MCU ,FPGA, PC aplication   
  •  PCB projection
  •  PCB manufacturing
  • Testing
  • Programming
  • Housing


ViPP Automation

Production and development of single-purpose automatic systems are among the main products of our company.

ViPP Construct


ViPP Technology

Dedicated electronic systems.


ViPP Open Source

Our open and comunity projects